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Thank you sir, you capture my sentiments exactly. Your historic references legitimize my suspicions of the nature of our past, and your observances line up with my fear for our future.

We need to be louder and prouder in providing direction and support for the upcoming confused generations.

Dag's sincerity in expressing meaningful change is admirable and hopefully the enlistment will grow to help build a parallel space for sanity to exist.

Keep up the momentum.

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PARKDALE in TORONTO is plastered with FIGHTBACK.CA, an offshoot of the Communist Party of CANADA's posters. I ALWAYS carry a KNIFE with me so I can remove strips from them. No one has ever interupted me.

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Thank you Jeremy , very informative. You are very good at getting this information put together and out. Pleasure to read your writings. You are Bang on of course!!

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