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The greatest impact on someone’s mental health is betrayal. This can result in symptoms similar to PTSD and even more severe. Many of the people that I council for PTSD suffer this additional complication. Betrayal can render an individual mentally and physically dysfunctional in many ways. I expect to see more and more dysfunctional people in the near future who will need mental health treatment and support.

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The days of fear porn are done. I managed ok....because I have had life long anxiety. And I learned stuff. Lots of therapy..eventually to protect my brain....meds. but even with meds and they worked and took 30 years to get made, as all those things in mental health are a 6 week long crap shoot because it takes 6 to 8 weeks to rebalance brain chemistry gently (it's a thing), I had to learn new thinking habits because....my body could not take it anymore. The anxiety....was killing me. The anger and rage....supressed..damaged my liver.

So my search was resilience. Resilience to keep and maintain and not let that anxiety overtake. Thing is....I recognized the fear porn, and forced myself not to give in. Why? I live side by side with it. So when I saw my friends and neighbours get afraid and then lose all compassion, or refuse to accept that maybe some people have experienced good reasons to not experiment with big Pharma's answer my friend for example,(she literally reacted poorly to several conventional meds and had to be treated) and got told no by her doc on vax, getting paperwork and fighting for exemptions...who wants to have a fight to buy groceries? Or have to explain their needs over and over. I watched people blame people over a disease when a disease is a disease. They became inhumane, detached and driven by anxiety into outrageous levels of callousness.

The only thing Dr Henry said at the beginning of this was, be kind. And now I know why. As much as information helped some of us, too much darkness can make you assume there are threats everywhere. That's not risk management. That's giving up your power to fear.

Most people don't have to manage anxiety and fear at the levels we have seen, and yes the media applied fear. Yes they are not equiped. But damn it all, coping is coping.

Here is a secret. Psychoimmunology is a thing, where are our bodies can detox and managing stress and attitude has had people reverse cancer. They don't know why but it works. So what do I do? Supplement because I don't get enough of this or that, make destress a thing, and trust that my body can heal. I am still thinking that spike protein is an issue, but I have also had my body do ok with maintenance of simple things I can control, like my attitude.

Yeah, panic attacks can feel like a heart attack. But even then...breathe. need o2 to your brain. But we can all pep talk each other. No you can't take back the vax, but I also trust my body to heal. My job is listen. Pace yourself. Let it detox.

There is more to it. The panic won't help. We can still encourage those that worry, to let it go over and over, till next 5 minutes what can one do? Simple goal directed behaviour. And in the next 5 minutes. Make it smaller. Because it's not impossible. Oh, they can try, but spiritually we can compensate. Because healing always can happen. It's a process not an event, and we have to trust in that our bodies can and will eliminate problems.

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Fear is both a defence and a liability. If you encounter a lion, your fear will revert to self preservation and you will climb the nearest tree. If you fear the criminals, fascists and corrupt CYSTem waifs, you will hide and lay low and not do or say anything. The first is beneficial, the second is happening all over every western society. What does God say? You know, the real Deal in a world of filth? Sorry to say for the "enemies" of freedom and justice, but God says to "Resist (oppose) evil and to "be bold." I do both. As to the religious hypocrite crowd I say there is a verse for those who are afraid to oppose evil. Look up Revelation Chapter 21, verse 8. The first word in that verse is what you are and the vile categories of the other listed sins may not condemn you but being a coward will. As it is written!

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I must mention I am not an xtian, but I am somewhat familiar. As a OBOD member, and having been for decades, what matters to me is truth. The truth is reflected in many religious and spiritual texts. Fear is something we need to manage. Courage is doing things inspite of fear and managing it. As far as criminals, I will report and so on. I have had the opportunity to work with some criminals with issues, and I tell you, dangerous folks who are ....I deal with them the same way. Threaten me directly and I will deal with you. Then again...I recognized what it is...power plays.

But not everyone has that courage. I get why they won't act. Not for me to judge as they will sort it out between themselves and their creator.

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Fear comes from the CYSTem which uses it to control the sheeple. Climate change has sheeple believing the world is going to self destruct but like every other thing it uses, it and all other things are a lie. The scamdemic was and is a lie calculated to manupulate sheeple into taking a dangerous, experimental fake jab with side effects up to and including death. Like criminal activities which also manipulate and use others for profit, (sex trafficking, pimping, illicit drug use , pornography, etc) the goal is to make money. The experimental fake jab cost the taxpayer thirty six dollars per jab. Then fake boosters were added which doubled profits. Israel is up to four a year. The efficacy of the fake jab goes from 96% at initial jab to 13% within the year. Tetanus VACCINE works for ten years. The jab is NOT a vaccine, it is a dangerous experimental LIE calculated to make criminals in the CYSTem rich. I had the first Covid, and got over it in four days though I felt fatigued for weeks.

It targets specific groups with physical problems....obese, diabetics, those with cardiac and vascular issues and those with respiratory issues. Some of those in that scam that has killed people need to be prosecuted for murder. (Fauci and cooperative political fake leaders mainly in western nations)

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Brilliantly written. You eloquently speak for those who cannot, and I hope this helps those of us who avoided the medical procedure to open our hearts and have more compassion for those who, by coercion or trickery, did. I doubt that there are any of us out here who haven't been tricked by something or someone at least once in our lives, and the only difference now is that this was done on a much larger scale. If we have any hope of rebuilding in the aftermath of this debacle, compassion is going to have to be one of the key ingredients because, like it or not, we need one another.

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Insanity is spelled "p-o-l-i-t-i-c-a-l c-o-r-r-e-c-t-n-e-s-s and stupid, criminal, bigot, liar, fool, hoplophobe, Christophobe, etc are ALL spelled T-U-R-D-O .

The only other thing you need to know is from Carlin: "Stupid is forever and it cannot be fixed."

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The government uses Fear and Anxiety to control people. When you describe problems, you are adding to that fear and anxiety.


People who have no hope will not act. There is a need to describe problems but that must be offset with a little hope. At this point in time people do need to be told what to do.


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Jeremy, we can demand all the higher standards we want to but the reality is that higher standards in politics and most sheeple do not exist. The selection lever is frozen on "mediocre" but with a bracketed two words after that say "morally corrupt."

The body of sheeple who elected turdo are largely highly educated professional women. How can anyone be highly educated but stupid enough to vote for one whose brain power ranks a lower IQ than that of a bean bag and who has the appeal in his ample assed, pie faced existence, of a green snot rocket hanging off a cold brass door knob screaming for help past its hair lip lest it fall.

The answer is simple. Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune, and these sheeple vote for one who has a disease akin to late stage dementia. But just look at his ASSministration! Anvil head mendicino, spaghetti lametti, hussen the hussler, freeland the freeloader, bill bLIAR, gullible goofy guillbeault, and an assortment of used asswipes turned inside out to get double use as snotrags.

This consortium of kooks are the worst types that God ever strung gut into and the proof that the Law of Entropy also applies to people. But hey, can we ever get worse than the immature crybaby son of a brainless hippie witch and a leftist commie kook? Of course rumor has it that turdie boy is the result of DICKtator fidel using maggie moron as the receptacle for his excess plumbing. Voila! There is no choice in the matter, both/either choices for the prize as father are perpetually defaulted to being a coward, fascist, liar, pervert, hoplophobe, babyaphobe, Christophobe, racist, bigot, etc

We can demand higher standards but the sheeple over the years and especially in the short term under the hairy palm of the rule of Justie Hitler, have not chosen the best, the brightest and the most ardent freedom and justice defender in the list of proposed leaders, thus drawing comments from the USA that "Canuckistan" is now a communist enclave ruled by mental midgets whose stupidity is legion.

Yet there is hope, Polievre has the ability to turn things around. In the meantime I am hoping turdo will step off a curb holding hands with bLIAR and mendicino into the path of a runaway Mack truck and all three make it to the hospital DOA.

But that is not Christian you say? Tell me then what is Christian about voting for such a loser? And I am not a Christian, I am a Believer and there is a difference. The word "Christian " should never be applied to a mere human. Most taking that label are religious hypocrites like my relatives who condemn me for saying a few harsh words towards a DEFECTIVE DETECTIVE who lies and depends on affirmative action to have been hired but should be fired for ineptness and violations of CCC. Unless you looked, and talked to retired law enforcement officers, you might not realize that there are few good cops anymore and most streaming out of LIEberal police colleges are leftist loonies with excremental matter for brains and the IQ's of a flat tire. As to appeal, most of these have the appeal of a used diaper off a baby elephant with the scours. And that is not to mention the affirmative action hires in law enforcement who need to be treated like Barney Fyfe, the deputy of Andy the sheriff, who allowed him only one bullet in his revolver.

As the influx of other leftist loon graduates of ASSademia hit the outside world, you have to expect these brain washed useful idiots becoming voters will not add to a picture perfect function that represents freedom and justice and excellence, but will drag us all down to the depths of pseudo excellence in every area their dirty hands touch.

Things can get much worse, for there is no future for any nation whose workforce consists of soy boy basement dwellers and women who take more care with the pedigree of their dogs than the substance of who and what they sleep with or marry.

Seneca once said that "Humanity is fortunate because no man is unhappy except by his own fault." Not true, in this day and age where fools vote into power not the best man for any job, but the one who suits their fabled yellow brick road existences or is favored by the color of his skin under the bigoted and racist ASSirmative action programs founded by lesser sheeple who fall for the lies of whiners who wear their fake victimhood on the their left snotty shirt sleeves and their racial identity on their right making the Caucasian straight male the most discriminated against human on the face of this wretched planet.

What is the future to bring? Your guess is as good as mine, but looking at other western leaders, it does not look good at all.

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