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Well written. Great work on the video streams too. You're speaking the truth & making a difference.

Tangent: Who runs the Ferryman's Toll channel? I know you're friendly with them. Do they have additional content (like you)?

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Awesome piece!

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It originated with The Ferryman's Toll channel on Telegram and has fooled many people since yesterday.

The author uses this brilliant technique to put the lying media into a conundrum. Either stay silent, leading to the discussion we see here or come out and deny it, explaining why this isn't true.

He's done similarly with Air Canada, helping to get the travel restrictions dropped and later with Tim Hortons, regarding denial of summer camp to unjabbed children. It's brilliant info war.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said "The cheat, bully and malefactor we meet everywhere is government." This became apparent in 1969 when turdo the senior legalized homosexuality and abortion and then later established the bigotry of Section 13 in the chrc who are fascists, liars, cowards, criminals, racists and bigots. Good stuff Pierre, legalizing the torture and murder of innocent unborn children and the mental, spiritual and physical desecration of God' s highest creation.

Like his ample assed son, who wants Section 13 reinstalled, turdo the senior was the first classic soy boy commie with the IQ of a garden gate and the appeal of three green snot rockets expelled by a LPC voter, but trying to synchro swim.

Section 13 was declared non constitutional and tossed but now trudope wants this fascist racist screed back into law so the fake chrc court can continue with its racist bigotry against Caucasian straight men and women by keeping its 100% record clear of puking out its bigoted decisions against straight Caucasian men and women.

While "sunny" boy with the ugly pie face pukes up more fascist illegal gun banning laws, he is charmed at the sight of bill bLIAR, spaghetti lametti, and anvil head mendicino running for spoons to scoop and swallow the chunks in the slime puke of the soy boy vomit.

Indeed the damned CYSTem has become politically persecutorial of Jeremy and his wife and law enforcement have become patsies for cowardly fascist bureauCRAPS emerging time and again from the sewers to make fake complaints against any exercising their Charter rights that disagree with the leftist loonery of politically correct crap fascists within the sheeple whose perspectives are directed by the peanut gallery of the media liars and whores f****d at his whim who offer themselves as available to turdo who bribed them with taxpayer dollars.

The biggest danger to freedom and justice is trudope who cannot cope with the Truth as cannot the rank and file fascists of the Canuckistani KGB/stasi/gestapo who willingly kneel before their political masters to perform their criminality against innocent people not tainted by the politically correct craziness promulgated by media liars and whores, fake ASSademics, religious apostate fake leaders, entertainment, follywood, etc who like a snake pit of vipers hiss, piss, and sh** their venom on the sheeple who vote with their emotions instead of with their heads.

Yes Jeremy, exposure in the court of public opinion is what the real criminals fear and while you and others fight your fight, I will fight mine doing just that.

The dogs of the damned dementry CYSTem criminals are roaming freely and think they are immune to retribution but in their arrogance they miss the lessons of history. The CYSTem is fueled indeed as you said by corrupt party politics rather than right or wrong. While I am still petitioning God to arrange for trudope holding hands with mendicino and bLIAR to step off a curb in the "SHI**Y " of Ottawa and get hit by a runaway Mack truck, the grade five fake ASSistant drama teacher has no idea that the pope himself waving a smoking cantor and uttering useless phrases in Latin cannot save him from his lies, criminality and excesses.

Hell hath truly enlarged itself for the LPC and the NDP "Singh a song" whose gaps between his rotting teeth are filled with the public hairs of the turd, packed there by his constant ass kissing of trudope.

The real enemies stream out of liberal politically correct police colleges, buy accommodation costing six grand a night using taxpayer dollars, perpetuate the lies of the LPC, stand behind pulpits preaching a gospel of lies, teach vulnerable grade two children the intricacies and filth of anal sex, and continue to lobby for the age of sexual consent twixt fake men and boys to be rescinded totally.(NAMBLA)

I AM NOT A CONSPIRATORIALIST, but written in the Holy Bible is what always happens to the enemies of all that is good. The bottom line is at some point, "The Truth Shall set you free."

Excuse me while I petition God again to effect a mishap for evil incarnate better known as Justie Hitler, gun banner, censor, liar, profligate, pervert, criminal, thief, fraud, fascist and supreme master instructor of how to suck farts out of dead seagulls and simultaneously spit out the maggots.

I love defending Truth and Justice but unfortunately evil people must in the end suffer in the mix. The clock ticks, the wheels turn, and God removes His hand of protection from each of us at the appointed time. For some reason, He has heretofore made the decision throughout my life that He wants me to live longer than I deserve but for a purpose I know not what.

Whatever that may be, hell and/or its minions of munificent maggotry has no chance of stopping me from fulfilling my mission. What is that mission? Actually it is very low key and simple. It is not romantic, will not make me a hero, but is a task that few dare to undertake which is why we are in the mess worldwide we now occupy. It will bring persecution, hardship and pain but is worth it all.

It is merely to PROCLAIM THE TRUTH which makes me the enemy of all that is vile on this wretched planet. That task was passed down to ministers perpetually but their cowardice is legion today. It is they who have failed to honor God. Their fate, as is the fate of any who refuse to defend and proclaim the Truth, is pronounced in Chapter 21 verse 8 of Revelation. The first three words of that verse describe all of us who have chosen to abide the evil rulers and vile movements of the day. They are described as, "For the fearful....shall have their part in the lake...which is the second death." (judgment and condemnation)

This then describes the cowards who choose to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season, instead of being defenders of Truth, for fear of being persecuted.

We are instructed to oppose evil, tell the Truth, be bold, and to fear neither man or beast. That is a tall order, but the sheeple have accommodated evil damned in scriptures and thus damning themselves in the process. God sends none to hell, we seal our own fate, we embrace a life where the enemies of all that is good are allowed to rule us, in essence, a form of modern day slavery.

It is a given that to oppose the CYSTem fills most with fear. The lure of a low key existence by not rocking the boat, IS A SIN UNTO SPIRITUAL DEATH! Jesus said "If you are not with me, then you are against me." Thus many in churches are condemned.

So then what and who is left to fight the good fight? Rough, uncouth, uneducated, foul mouthed men like me. The admission of our unworthiness is the power unto strength and courage. In admitting and confessing our inabilities, sins, shortcomings and unworthiness is strength. The final battle we all face is the spectre of death.

We either gain Heaven, or hell more so by what we have NOT DONE than by what we have done.

I will conclude this by saying, true courage is akin to fearing (respecting and obeying)above all else, God. Cowardliness is to not have the courage to conquer our own selves by opposing evil and standing for Truth.

There it is short and sweet.

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Stupendous views and historical knowledge which the far left wants to suppress our history, critical thinking analysis of their ideologies and if you disagree you’re put in a box for wrong thinking, slandered to death to the masses on the reprogramming machine which was once called the “idiot box”.

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I want to thank you for saying everything that we (the outsiders) are thinking. I remember not a year ago thinking I was crazy. They work so hard at keeping you down but if you can come up for a breath of air when you look around all you see is fog. But then maybe in the distance you hear another person, but the fog tries to trick you into thinking you are alone. That other voice you hear is only in your own head, and it is wrong. It is always wrong. But is it... No. Finally we can ask a question, and get an answer. That is freedom and that is why they are so afraid, so let's keep them afraid. Me, I'm tired of feeling like I'm on my heals. So let's shout it as loud as we can. Let's put these commies in their place.

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Yer doing a great jarb

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Pretty rich coming from you. Didn't you join the military and serve for years after the WMD nonsense? Sure that was US and not Canada, but shouldn't you have known that the military is only there to serve corporate interests, not peacekeeping or "fighting for freedom". Yet, you still can't let an opportunity to brag about your service pass even though you were just a tool of the state you claim to rail against. You're a hypocrite, a right-wing stooge, and a fucking loon.

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Most excellent and accurate observations!

What seems really positive right now in all this insanity is the momentum ‘the undesirables and the misinformed’ are gaining, yourself included.

Ferrytale’s CBC ‘poll’ made El Gato Malo, and an astute Canadian referenced Ferry’s brilliance in the comments.

Nicely done! 😊

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Canada and The West are going down the toilet and it's a two flush shit!

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