A beautiful song of redemption, and bravo to the lady scribes who used their considerable wordsmithing skills to pen this legacy and drill it into the history books forever. So much to celebrate!

Please remember those of us in south Diagolon who also witnessed this in horror and stood in support while simultaneously kickin' at our own goblins.

Today I shall play my 'freedom ukulele' with joy and gratitude and send a message to all Dags everywhere: "You're doin' great, kids!"

Bravo, Rage! See ya at the beach.

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Any real Dag didn’t need to see the receipts we already know.

Find your friends and no one gets on the truck. See you on the beach \\\

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OMGod This is SUCH a precious moment in time!

THE stress you've endured, along with your family,

and YOUR beautiful woman, just awful, horrendous!

YOU deserve ALL this "wonderfulness" right now!

NEVER get on the truck #FYMM

I am a Dag! I love ALL Dags! Long Live Diagolonxo

PS: Please don't stop raging Jeremy!

PSS: Morgan YOU are a ROCK star!

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I feel privileged to witness , to note, and to share my energy in the fight against the abuse of power and tyranny. Nobility and honour, were something. Today it's our souls that wear it. I go by name or by my avatar online as druidess157 since 1993. The way it is...no regrets. None. I did the best I could with what I had at the time, and I am growing as a human, as we all should. Take care always, be well , and be.

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