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Excellent and brilliant analysis. Bang on. You and I, scare people cause we know the game and can figure out ways to play it. What I share is the use and analysis of power. I come at it from a different place, non military, counselling psych, but it is the same thing. When you cannot or refused to be scared off, or know that action is needed...you stand. And that bugs people when they can't break you. So starts the attacks of you.

I reserve my club for when I need it. I can become your worst nightmare. Learning to scale it to the situation can be hard, and the unprepared, wow...

The dynamics of power are being manipulated all the time. So I make choices of what to consume and when with all media. Have to. It's about balance and staying sharp. And it's funny how a walk in the woods and observation of nature can pull your head out of that slush of mental noise to focus and listen again.

Keep the lights on. Those that know, know. Those that get it, get it. More will awaken, maybe too late, maybe not. But the world has not let go of the power paradigm because of the lack of capability to trust others. Yeah, they could let you down. On the other hand, not trusting at all makes you a petty tyrant. So measured trust. Measured by choice. Be well. Keep writing.

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