They are not the “Elite”. They are the Degenerates. They are not the “Ruling Class”. They are the “Oppressive Dictators”.

Stay the course Jeremy and stay safe. These Degenerates have much more evil than you know.

Reach out to me anytime.

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Jeremy, there is an organization called the FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Ontario whose name has changed but they are responsible for the conduct of every financial institution operating in "Untario." Look them up and file a complaint. I know people who have used their services and all have gotten satisfaction. They may well get answers as to the reason you were debanked and may even reverse the decision. But they will do an investigation.

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I always thought that the Charter of Rights gave us an already Sovereign right to freedom of expression and opinion and religion. The real fascists and haters are in the corrupt CYSTem.

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Don’t take the Bait on this attack. Counselling “Economic Harm” ie: less bank profits will be used against you.

They don’t fear you they fear exposure.

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It is a proven fact the real fascists are in bureauCRAPcies and are criminals, cowards and liars. The whole CYSTem is corrupt. What I find interesting is that the CYSTem chases you BUT a death cult whose book of religious instruction counsels followers to "kill the infidels wherever you find them." Now I wonder with the number of terrorist attacks committed by this death cult why turdo paid a moslem murder over ten million and why these people are being imported who will only cause problems and be security risks.

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The CYSTem becomes more and more corrupt. Filled with lying fascists, enemies of all that is good, enemies of freedom and justice, human trash and garbage.

I know what the lying pukes are trying to do with Jeremy and it all starts with liars and their lies defaming him. The ranks of the real enemy reach into the legal, CYSTem, law enforcement, bureauCRAPcies, religion, education, and every other aspect of life. These new age inquisitors lie and defame their target and the fascists in the CYSTem pick it up. These cowardly pukes are the ones who run every time trudope barfs, pulling out their tarnished spoons and fighting for the chunks after which they get down on their hands and knees and lick up the slime.

Nobody is being fooled. And I am pretty sure there is a national scandal coming that will target seven of these scumbags and expose them in a case I am watching with interest. In the end the devil does get his dues.

Hang tough Jeremy, many of us know what is up and who are down and it is not going to be you. The court of public opinion is where the battle will be fought.

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Very disappointed with your rant re: Omar Khadr. I have yet to hear or read anyone call him a hero. What is true is that he was indoctrinated and forced by his family into using lethal weapons in Afghanistan. Subsequently, at the age of 15, he was incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay for years, where he was tortured, including by CSIS agents. I do not support your various incarcerations and I have been on the streets since April of 2020 also condemning and resisting the insanity, but you have not suffered in your prison time what Khadr suffered in his. Child soldier? Definitely child. Better you start to ask yourself what you were doing in Afghanistan. I was against Canadian involvement there: why weren’t you? I just signed up to your website, because I love what you have achieved with Diagolon and what you have to say about many things. Perhaps a word about Canada’s shameful abandonment of Afghanistan before it ensured that all those local citizens we were indebted to were brought safely here. It seems Ukrainians have become the next best thing.

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Do not try to win before you lose

You have to walk the road you choose

You have to die before you live

You have to take back what you give.

This needs to be regarded seriously by the CYSTem because it is true. I have seen it happen many times in my life. The enemy of the nation is within but wood frame doors will not hide or protect cowards from the penalties of their criminal actions. The first penalty is EXPOSURE. There are two more penalties that proceed.

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Did I tell YOU how much I love you (Sorry Ms Morgan:)

Yeah it's the retired RN keeling to you AGAIN MR MacKenzie

I listen to ALL your Raging Dissident Podcasts

You are a hoot and yet You remain SO informative

I swear I learn something NEW with each and every podcast

I share your "expert" information w/ many ppl YOU ROCK Sir!

Yeah Yeah Yeah You're HALF my age but YOU are still a "SIR!"

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