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Does it occur to anyone that the acronym for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity is ... DIE.

Exquisitely expressed piece, as usual, and your points are solidly made.

Can't wait to read your book. :)

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Well written piece Jeremy, wish it weren't all true dammit.

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PART ONE: BILL C-11 – The True Strategy


What is the real goal here?

According to their stated goals, the actions of the Liberals make no sense. They can’t force Google & Facebook to pay for links (an absurd idea). That’s it. They can’t force those companies to do anything. However, the Liberals know that by refusing to compromise on the legislation, the end result will be that Canadian media outlets will be weakened.


And this is the real goal of the Liberals – to make all Canadian media dependent upon government financing.


Look at it from the point of view of the Trudeau government. They’ve shown a clear penchant for control and secrecy. They are obviously angry that many Canadians – including Yours Truly – have built strong online followings without needing government money. They are angry that those outlets often criticize the government. And, they are seeing that many of the formerly well-established media outlets – who are often less critical of the government and more ‘predictable’ are struggling.


So, if the Liberals can simultaneously reduce the availability of news online, hurt independent media outlets, and make the establishment outlets more dependent upon taxpayers money, that’s a ‘win’ from their perspective.


And that is exactly what Bill C-18 is leading to.


“Resources” will be made available


Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez – who has been the face of Bill C-18 – is now stating that the government will provide ‘more resources‘ to newsrooms in Canada if news sharing is blocked on Facebook/Google:


“Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said he remains hopeful digital giants will not make good on their threat to block access to Canadian news on their platforms, but if they do then the Liberal government will ensure newsrooms have the resources they need to continue their work.

“The world has changed and the same way we’re adapting to platforms, well, the platforms also have to adopt to the new reality,” Rodriguez said Tuesday in an interview.

“We have to make sure that newsrooms are open, that (journalists) are able to do their job and (they) have the resources necessary,” he said.

The legislation for online news is one of two bills the Liberals passed this year that bring in new government oversight to”


Of course, ‘resources’ means money.


The government will take more of our taxpayer dollars and give them to media outlets who are struggling as a direct result of policy imposed by the Liberals. They thus create a problem, and solve that problem in a way that makes the government more powerful and the media less independent.




• Rule One is that to become a member of Justin’s Cabinet you cannot be any smarter than he is. If you doubt that then please research their qualifications.

• These people are dedicated Marxists and none of them are very bright.

• They are trying their best to trigger a Civil War before the tide inevitably turns against them.

• It will work. We are not far from the day when someone will try to harm or assassinate sone of them.

• That might be Good News. The worse alternative is that someone could decide to use explosives and wait until a group of them gather at some location.


Justin and his Cabinet are not particularly smart people.




The fact that more and more people are skipping their daily brainwashing session with Legacy MSM terrifies the Elites. They sense that their control of the population is slipping through their fingers. And that fear is not unfounded. We the People out-number the Elites by (pick a number), 50,000 to 1 ???


Many of the laws passed by the Liberals since 2015 are very contradictory and only makes sense from one perspective. They are intended to increase the amount of CONTROL that the government has over the people. Here is one of the best examples of the huge contradictions.


• Canada has the world’s highest Carbon Footprint. That means that irrespective of what country an immigrant comes from, their use of fossil fuels will increase when they relocate to Canada.

• Canada has signed on to UN Agenda 2030 and pledged to reduce its use of fossil fuels by that date.

• Canada has increased its immigration target from the traditional 1% to 1 million people per year. Given our current population of 40 million that amounts to an annual 2.5% in Canada’s population.

• Do the math. It is 2023 and 2030 is just 8 years from today. 2.5% multiplied by 8 equals 20%. Canada’s population would increase from 40 to 48 million by 2030.

• If Justin continues with that 20% increase in our population, then what other measures will he implement to meet his commitment to UN Agenda 2030 targets ???


The use of electric vehicles only makes sense in a province where energy is obtained largely from hydroelectricity, and not fossil fuels. Quebec is the only province meeting that description. But Quebec is also the only province in Canada where the Provincial and not the Federal government has control over immigration.


The restrictions that 15-Minute Cities will bring are not new. In Feudal Europe Serfs were restricted to their Lord’s lands and they were required to seek permission to leave, for example to fight in a Crusade. Is there a Crusade in your future?


The need for a Crusade would arise at any time. It is well past time for Justin to explain his plans for the rest of Canada.


Divide and Conquer


The Divide and Conquer strategy has been working well. The split between Rural and Urban communities in Canada is now very visible, and more pronounced than any West vs East divide.


The battle may be coming to a neighbourhood near you sooner than you think.







Toronto Most Wanted – Photos - June 2023




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You are amazing as always MY Jeremy

YEAH I said IT


fcuk off Phil - ouch did you bite me AGAIN?

Sorry MY Queen :0)

I LOVE Jeremy as well ;)

I've been thrown off Twit TWAT Twitter AGAIN

THIRD time BaHaaaa

Damin its HARD not telling "SMERGs" off

It's sooooooooooooo delicious:)

Listened to the MD Jordan Peterson Podcast

with Canadian HERO Tamara Lich-LOVE her too!

Jeremy YOU have no idea (maybe you do?)

How truly TALENTED you are (orator+public speaker)

I listen to ALL your podcasts (yep I'm old!)

I read your substack AND you always GIVE me hope

but at times YOUR truth unnerves ME, thank you!

Love LIVE Diagolon////////

Peace be with YOU and YOUR family MR Canadian

war HERO veteran Jeremy MacKenzie (FYMM xo)

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So Sorry




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I love and I mean LOVE

when YOU get mad////

I cannot STOP laughing!

IT feels SO good to LOL

"bursts of maniacal laughter"

feels heavenly////

When YOU said "I forgot the mystery!"

I LAUGHED so hard and SO maniacal

YOU made MY day!


YOU have no clue how many ppl

YOU help ... I cannot WAIT to meet

you one day (and Morgan) and I

will buy YOUR book in a nano second!

Blessings to you and your family PEACE

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